If you want to connect with nature and walk in the incredible surroundings of Ría da Estrela, don’t miss the trekking routes that we’ve prepared. Suitable for all the family, you just have to choose between the coast or hills to discover impressive landscapes and important tourist resources, such as Castro de Baroña, Monte Tremuzo in Muros or Monte Iroite in Lousame.

Price: € 20/person



This activity only requires the usual trekking equipment: comfortable, breathable clothes, a warm garment and, above all, comfortable footwear (we recommend trekking boots, Gore-Tex trainers or similar).

You have to get to the starting point of the trekking route on your own. If you contract the services of one of our guides, we’ll meet in the tourist complex or somewhere else before beginning.

All of our suggested routes involve a simple itinerary and are designed for families. However, their difficulty also depends on the participants’ age and if they are used to walking or not. In any case, each person sets their own pace and duration of the route.

This activity is open to everyone. The guests staying in O Loureiro, however, enjoy special discounts and preference when it comes to hiring the services of one of our guides, if there is not availability for everybody.

Of course! We are very familiar with the area and can adapt our suggested routes to the places that you’re most interested in visiting and to your level. You just have to contact us in advance so that we can plan it all!

Yes, we have accident and rescue insurance and civil liability insurance.