SUAVEPA, S.L. uses cookies during the provision of the Website service. Cookies are files sent to the browser that implement automatic procedures for collecting personal information in order to record the user's activities during browsing, improve it and adapt it to the preferences determined by a user during his visit to a certain Web page, (by way of example: Google Analytics or similar tools). This information is recorded in files that are hosted in the user's own terminal and unambiguously associated with this terminal. Each time the user accesses the Web site in question, these files are automatically activated so that the Web site is configured with the preferences indicated in previous visits. Cookies cannot read other cookies created by other providers. The information obtained is completely anonymous, and in no case can it be associated with a specific and identified User.

PUBLISH IN BLOGS: The user is not identified

None of the cookies used obtain data from Users. Only the IP address.

In the User's visits to the SUAVEPA S.L. Website or website owner has the following information through the website:

  • The IP address assigned by the PSI to the user and the domain name of the PSI.
  • The domain from which you connect to the InternetThe day and time that the user has accessed the website.
  • The Internet address from which you accessed the (if accessed through another URL)
  • The total number of visitors who access our website.
  • The name of the operating system and the browser used to view the web page.
  • The country to which the visitor belongs (or if applicable the PSI).

All this information collected is completely anonymous and its use is mainly for marketing and technological statistics. We make use of information about the number of visits and their use as a whole to make our site more useful and interesting for our Users.

In addition, the one requested in the built-in forms necessary for the management and maintenance of any of our services.

The purpose is: to adapt the web content to your profile and needs.

This website uses the following

Own cookies: Analysis cookies + advertising cookies + behavioral advertising cookies.

Third party cookies:





Google Analytics





Collect information on user navigation through the site in order to know the origin of visits and other similar data at the statistical level. It does not obtain data of the names or surnames of the users or of the specific postal address from where they connect.

1 year

Google Tag Manager


 Analyzes of visits in real time from that of the website. It is used to monitor user behavior and record the pages they view.


To obtain and analyze the information we use Google Analytics. We include the following links to your cookie policy:

Scorecard Research Beacon, (Web Beacons, Web Beacon) is used to track navigation.
The User has the possibility of configuring his browser program so that the creation of cookies is prevented or the moment when this occurs is warned. The Website is accessible without the need for options relating to cookies, although they may prevent the proper functioning of security mechanisms for exclusive services or certain services that require greater security. The ultimate purpose of cookies on the Website is to facilitate user navigation.

Below, we publish the links to the instructions to enable or disable cookies in the most used browsers:

Other third-party tools, available online, that allow users to detect cookies on each website they visit and manage their deactivation, for example: