Starting from our home base at Testal Beach, we will tour the coastline as far as the picturesque fishing port of Freixo, close to Muros. A 5-km-long trip that will give us a close-up look at Noia cockle and clam beds.

Our operations are based in the O Loureiro tourist complex, very close to Testal Beach, where nearly all the routes begin. In order to get there, we have a trailer to transport the kayaks.

  • Kayak rental: the neoprene suit is not included.
  • Route with guide: includes all the necessary equipment (neoprene suit as well).

Yes, you can hire kayaks for 4 hours or complete days.

O Loureiro’s guests have preference as regards the activities and special rental prices. However, there is always availability so that anyone can participate in the activity.

We have qualified technical staff that will teach you some basic safety notions and how to use the kayaks. All of the designed routes are green or basic level, so that both beginners and kids can participate. It is advisable that kids share a kayak with an adult and minors cannot use them without supervision. Nevertheless, if you do not feel prepared to go on your own, you can always contract a route accompanied by our staff.

€ 35 per person. A minimum of 4 persons is required.

Yes, we have accident and rescue insurance and civil liability insurance.